Back Squat

by StackHealthy | Last Updated: May 12, 2015

girls_doing_squatsBecause this form physically requires the barbell to rest of the back of the athlete’s shoulders, it not only works the shoulder muscles better than any other form, the stance and position of the barbell also allow for maximum payload.  For these reasons the front squat is generally viewed as the best form for producing gains in quadricep and and hamstring muscle strength.

Phase 1: Lowering Eccentric

Phase 2: Raising Concentric


  1. Lift the barbell from the stand, and place it on the shoulders blades and step away from the stand a few steps. Make sure it’s on your shoulder blades and not on the topmost part of your spine.
  2. Your grip on the bar should be slightly more than your shoulder’s width, squeezing your elbows in the middle of your body.
  3. Fill your midsection with air by focusing on your breathing patterns, which will improve your performance and avoid any unnecessary injury. (Note: Do this as you move away from the rack)
  4. Correct position of feet is very important. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With your dominant foot in front and off foot back, maintain the stance before performing a squat. Make sure your position is not “duck-footed”.
  5. Maintain a straight and firm posture. Next, while keeping your midline stable, go down at a fast enough pace that you maintain your balance, until your hips reaches the limit to pass below the crease of the knee.
  6. While going down, make a lumbar curve with chest kept up.
  7. Now stand up driving evenly through the foot while resting the barbell on your shoulder blades.