by StackHealthy | Last Updated: May 5, 2015

Dead Lift MainThe deadlift is one of the fundamental movements that are a must for any Crossfit athlete. It packs a punch in developing sheer strength and improving quality and skill of performing other movements. It is an excellent compound exercise which aims at building strength in muscle groups like the hamstrings, lower back, forearms, quads, traps, and glutes.

Phase I: Setup
Phase II: Drive
Phase III: Lockout
Phase IV: Lower




  1. Approach the loaded barbell.
  2. Bend forward down to the bar by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Grab the bar with your shoulders width apart.
  3. While keeping a firm grip, breathe in and perform the lift by pushing your legs into the ground and at the same time getting your torso in the standing position as you breathe out.
  4. Pull your chest out and straighten your back with your shoulder blades back to their initial position.
  5. Now put the barbell down on the ground by bending your knees along with leaning your torso forward, while keeping your back straight like before.



The Different Types of Deadlifts

Trap Bar Deadlift:Perfect Trap Bar Deadlift Extension

Deadlift that utilizes the hex bar in order to take stress off the lumbar system and produces gains in leg power.  The Trap Bar Deadlift is ideal for any athlete suffering from lower back pain or anybody looking to modify their leg routine by building strength and power that translates over into ever other leg press, squat, and deadlift.