by StackHealthy | Last Updated: May 5, 2015

Crossfit JerkOnce you complete the power clean(?) your body is in position to immediately transition into the jerk portion of the exercise.  The jerk is another explosive movement (essentially a push press) that produces speed and power transitioning from your mid-section all the way up through your body over your head.

  1. Slightly bend at the knees (less than a 1/4 squat) and in one, continuous motion thrust your hips upward driving through your heel (just like in the Crossfit power clean) while pushing the barbell vertically over your head.
  2. As the barbell rises above your head make sure to drop under the weight of the bar as you continue raising it. This provides a sturdy landing position to catch the weight.
  3. As the barbell climbs overhead, split one leg backwards and the other forward. Make sure both the feet lock into position by the time you lock the barbell overhead.
  4. Return the head to the neutral position in a way that the bar is in line with your ears or slightly behind them.
  5. Now bring your feet back to the side by side position, which should be hip to shoulder width apart and stand straight.